NCI student representation system review



Our participation in NStEP across 2016-17 has allowed us to reconsider a number of the ways we do things here at NCI. In fact, with its emphasis on getting a national student training programme up and running, this specific work area has only encouraged us to look at our own processes afresh.

The truth of the matter is that this need to re-examine our class rep system was also identified at the strategic analysis workshop facilitated by sparqs on 9 November 2016 – for more details regarding that institutional session, click here.

According to the Quality Assurance Handbook regarding learner feedback, Class Representative Meetings are outlined as follows:

Class Representative Meetings

Meetings between the programme director and class representatives take place once per semester. This is a formal opportunity for Class Representatives to provide feedback to the Programme Committee on matters affecting the programme and learners on the programme. Representatives from the Support Services also attend these meetings.

Schools may arrange meetings in subject groupings etc. to facilitate meaningful discussion. Actions arising from these meetings should be reported to the Programme Committee meeting.

In a series of meetings held this spring involving student representatives and staff, a paper was developed regarding the realities of the existing class rep system. In turn, a series of eight recommendations have been put forward in relation to how this system might operate next academic year – the full report is available here.

Conclusions & Recommendations
NCI student representative system review – conclusions & recommendations

Author: QA@NCI

The Quality Assurance and Statistical Services (QASS) office was set up to support the implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) policies and procedures at the National College of Ireland (NCI).

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