Taking Next StEPs – a case study



Having attended the 38th EAIR Forum Birmingham 2016 as delegates, we think that an ideal opportunity has now presented itself for QA@NCI to speak further afield about our work as part of the NStEP project. Entitled “Taking Next StEPs – a case study: NCI staff and students working together”, we have had a conference proposal accepted, so roll on the 39th EAIR Forum Porto 2017!

The truth is that, in one way or another, we undertake this kind of work all the time as part of our jobs, both here at NCI and externally. We talk about what we do with staff and students on an on-going basis, often in relatively informal settings, sometimes in a more representative capacity, but normally with our QA – sometimes with our QC, QE and/or QI – hats on. In turn, we systematically produce guidelines, update policies, write papers, etc., on a range of quality assurance subjects, though again usually for internal rather than necessarily for external consumption.

Having restricted ourselves to talking about our work as part of NStEP, all the while delivering upon the project’s priorities – including regularly, if figuratively, on this blog – the fact is that we have also now put down some words on electronic paper as part of a conference proposal. It’s not just a case of Portugal here we come, more’s the pity. Yes, our paper proposal has been accepted, we’ve been given guidance regarding how to present our findings, we’ve bought our flights and accommodation, etc. But, there is also very suddenly a dawning realisation: all we have to do now is to prepare what it is that we are going to say to an audience of our peers and to put it down in writing … yikes!!!

In short, between now and our departure in early September, there is the not inconsiderable matter of researching and writing a 3,000-5,000 word paper, all the while coupling it with a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation. Still, at least the two front pages have been drafted. Hmm, thinking about it, we’d better get cracking.

Taking Next StEPs - paper
Taking Next StEPs – paper DRAFT
Taking Next StEPs - presentation
Taking Next StEPs – presentation DRAFT

Author: QA@NCI

The Quality Assurance and Statistical Services (QASS) office was set up to support the implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) policies and procedures at the National College of Ireland (NCI).

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