NStEP Project 1 – 2nd Team Meeting: further preparatory work …

Okay, this time we think that we may be slightly ahead of ourselves. But, that is only because we’re posting towards close of play on the Friday before the NStEP Project 1 – 2nd Team Meeting being held next Tuesday afternoon. This makes a change from blogging on the morning of the meeting (see NStEP Project 1 – 1st Team Meeting: some preparatory work … by way of comparison). So, at the very least, that’s progress, even if only of a sort.

When we look at the initial follow-up to that first meeting (see NStEP Project 1 – 1st Team Meeting: … and early findings, thoughts and actions), and reflect on what we’ve been doing since, well then the verdict may still be out in some quarters, certainly in terms of substantial progress coming out any distance ahead of distracted cogitating!

The truth however is that, when it comes to NStEP, things are now happening thick and fast.

Indeed, the other four project teams have already met or are planning to meet very soon, which is why this NStEP Project 1 – 2nd Team Meeting is so timely. This also makes a progress report on our list of ‘To Dos’ both necessary and worrying. Where and how our efforts connect to the other four national projects and contribute to NStEP as a whole is being mapped out too (see the NStEP Projects Map). Lots happening, lots to do.

In addition, doubtlessly to help spur things along, the NStEP Project Chairs also met late last month with the support of QQI, the HEA, sparqs, and USI. They, in turn, put a plan in place to meet regularly from now on, with the second of these NStEP Project Chairs meetings scheduled for next Wednesday morning. Timing is everything.

So, how ready are we for next Tuesday afternoon and the second meeting of the project examining The Role and Recruitment of Class Representatives? Well, let’s see now:

  • Draft agenda circulated? Yes.
  • Minutes disseminated? Finally!
  • Progress made on ‘Actions’? Hmm … not so sure, if we’re to be honest.
  • Room(s) booked? Check.
  • Technology enabled? Perhaps!?!
  • Biscuits bought? Not yet.

There was clearly a lot of goodwill when we first met, so let’s see where our next meeting takes us, particularly in terms of measuring progress on the outputs we’re promising … yikes!!!

NStEP Projects Map
NStEP Projects Map



Author: QA@NCI

The Quality Assurance and Statistical Services (QASS) office was set up to support the implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) policies and procedures at the National College of Ireland (NCI).