NStEP Project 1 – 2nd Team Meeting: … that seemed to go quite well



Perhaps it was the Scottish shortbread which did the trick, but that really felt like it went quite well. Of course, we have yet to see the ‘To Do List’ which will emerge, and we have serious suspicions that the names coupled with actions, suggestions, etc., will not hide the fact that there is real work to be done in the weeks ahead, but it still felt like that second meeting went, err, quite well. Have we said that already?

With today’s turnout of nine people in the room supplemented by three more joining us as if by magic through a combination of Skype and speakerphone, it looks like we have quickly moved from forming to storming and just a little beyond.

As we mentioned previously in NStEP Project 1 – 2nd Team Meeting: further preparatory work …, there is a lot of goodwill. But, that can only take you so far. Much more than that, we’re also now going to be able to gauge our progress in practical terms. This means that, for example, by the time we next meet, we will need to be upfront and honest about where we are with the aforementioned ‘To Do List’. That’s putting it up to us all as project members!

Coming down from the sugar high of the all butter toffee and pecan biscuits, coupled with their all butter chocolate siblings, reality is also suddenly dawning. Indeed, looking at the scribbles in front of us, dashed as they are across today’s agenda, as well as the hieroglyphics on the minutes from the last meeting, there is a growing suspicion that these could actually turn into outcomes because the goodwill is now also translating into people taking responsibility. Bully for us!

Our next project team meeting will be in mid-/late May, by which stage we’ll have real evidence to base the hope that this project is in danger of succeeding, as well it should and as it now must.

NStEP Project 1 - 2nd Team Meeting
NStEP Project 1 – 2nd Team Meeting



Author: QA@NCI

The Quality Assurance and Statistical Services (QASS) office was set up to support the implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) policies and procedures at the National College of Ireland (NCI).